Analyst Coverage

List of analysts of securities companies and research companies who make recommendations and reports of Nagaileben.

Firm Analyst
Ichiyoshi Research Institute Inc. Masatoshi NAGATA
QUICK Corporate Valuation Research Center Noriko ISHIHARA
Storm Research team coverage
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Kazuki FURUYAMA
EVA Dimensions Casey Lea

This list is subject to change as coverage is either added or dropped by a firm. Please note it is possible that there are other analysts who make an analysis on Nagaileben, and that the table does not always show the most updated list of the analysts who cover Nagaileben.
Analysts, irrespective of who are listed or not listed in this table, analyze Nagaileben’s performance, businesses, products and technologies, and make forecasts regularly and irregularly. Please be aware that Toshiba nor its management is not involved in any process of making them.
If you actually intend to trade stock, please make such stock traded in accordance with your own judgment.