Corporate Profile

One of Nagaileben’s features is seeing society widely. We have contributed to society to to globally, such as environment efforts, job creation for women or local community, ability development or life circle improvement in overseas.

The realization of stable growing and sustainable company is social expectations for Nagaileben. We have become a characteristic leading company as below.
● 100th year in business from 1915
● Establish competitive position in medical clothing market
● Several thousand variety of items
● Competitive product such as extensive products, custom-made program
● Wide field, planning, manufacturing and marketing
● Approximately 60% market share in Japanese market
● The number of shipments is over 6 million clothing a year for 3.7 million medical workers.
This is the result of Nagaileben’s approaches to customers and society. The raison d’etre of company is being loved by everyone.

Nagaileben’s goals are “pursuing human’s comfort in various fields” and “pursuing comfort in professional manner”. To make the goals a reality, what are necessaries? It is the concept of our CI.

The necessaries to make human comfort. The energy source for them. The essential when people behave for other. The affectionate to life. The consideration for love. The system supports all of these things.The three ovals in our CI have above meanings.

Furthermore, CI represents the existence of Nagaileben, through huge filtering of generation and spirit.


  • 売上総利益率の推移
  • 株式価値の向上
  • 売上高計画
  • Highly profitability and strong balance sheet
    Gross profit to sales 45.9%
    Capital-to-asset ratio 90.5%
    ROE 8.9%
    (as of FY2021)

    Corporate Date

    Corporate name Nagaileben co., Ltd.
    Fiscal Year September 1 to August 31
    Annual meeting of stockholders Within 3 months after the next day of fiscal year end
    Record date Every August.31
    Number of shares in one trading unit 100 shares
    Securities code 7447
    Listed market First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
    Headquarter location 2-1-10 kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0044
    Incorporated July.20, 1950
    Capital 1,925,273,475 Yen
    Employees 123 people, 518 people (consolidated) As of August.31, 2021
    Business offices Headquarter
    Nagaileben distribution center
    Nagaileben Second distribution center
    Nagaileben West Japan distribution center
    Hokkaido branch
    Tohoku branch
    Nagoya branch
    Osaka branch
    Hiroshima branch
    Takamatsu branch
    Fukuoka branch
    Taipei branch
    Affiliate company NAGAI UNIFORM INDUSTRY co., Ltd


    Representative Director and President Ichiro Sawanobori
    Managing Director and General manager of Corporate Planning Nobuhiko Saito
    Director and General manager of Purchase Katsuji Asai
    Director and General manager of Planning Yasuyoshi Yamamoto
    Director and General manager of Sales Kinya Shintani
    Director and General manager of Administration Hiroyuki Yamamura
    Director and Standing Audit & Supervisory Committee Member Kazutaka Ogino
    Director and Audit & Supervisory Committee Member Kouichi Shiromi
    Director and Audit & Supervisory Committee Member Kota Mishima