Financial Highlights

  • Financial Review FY2020

In medical and care service industries, medical workers struggled for COVID-19. We sincerely would like to express deep appreciation for your devoted works on the frontiers against COVID-19.

Sales in FY2020 increased 1.7%. Due to COVID-19, negotiations of renewal contracts were impeded, some deliveries of our products, Healthcare wear and Doctors’ wear to medical institutions delayed, and some contracts were postponed to FY2021. Our new COVID-19 prevention products, which we developed in this term, contributed to total growth.

Gross profit to sales in FY2020 decreased 0.9 point(45.8%). Production cost rose, because to meet sharp increase in demand of new COVID-19 prevention products, we realized quick response by using productive capacity in Japan.

    % Change
Net sales ¥17,066 million +1.7 %
Gross profit to sales 45.8 % -0.9 point
Operating income ¥4,937 million +0.4 %
Net income ¥3,474 million +0.8 %
Total assets ¥44,931 million +1.5 %
Capital-to-asset ratio 89.3%

Financial Indicators

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