Financial Highlights

  • Financial Review FY2021

In the medical and care service industries, spread of COVID-19 infection suppressed the medical delivery system in Japan. However, the number of infected people seemed to calm down as the ratio of vaccine inoculation rose.

Sales in FY2021 increased 2.9%. and became the highest record.
In the core market, sales of Healthcare wear and Doctors’ wear were doing well, by catching renewal contracts which were postponed from previous term and new large-scale contracts.
In the peripheral market, sales of Patient wear increased steadily, by growing active demand and beginning business with new customers in new efforts. These increases of sales made up for the drop in sales to MHLW.

Gross profit to sales in FY2021 increased 0.1 point(45.9%). Though production cost and overseas distribution cost rose, we made an effort to improve profitability with shifting to overseas production and gaining advantageous foreign exchange rate.

    % Change
Net sales ¥17,563 million +2.9 %
Gross profit to sales 45.9 % +0.1 point
Operating income ¥5,212 million +5.6 %
Net income ¥3,647 million +5.0 %
Total assets ¥46,428 million +3.3 %
Capital-to-asset ratio 90.5%

Financial Indicators

  • Net sales・Gross profit to sales

  • Total assets・Capital-to-asset ratio


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