Financial Highlights

  • Financial Review FY2019

In medical and care service industries of Japan, there was simultaneous revision of medical treatment fees and nursing care fees in April 2018. The impact of revision of was negligible. Stable state continued.

Sales in FY2019 decreased -2.1%.Though sales of High Value-Added products in Healthcare wear was doing well. Some renewal contracts of Value-Added products in second-half of FY2019 were postponed to next term. Also growth of sales of Patient wear was less than in the past several years, because full introduction of new customer was postponed to next term.

In this term, there were temporary expenses. We built new sewing factory in Japan. Herewith, there were increase of depreciation(¥39m) and occurrence of real estate acquisition tax(¥14m). Also, we abolished directors‘ retirement allowances in 2018, reward for retirement(¥81m) occurred.

    % Change
Net sales ¥16,785 million -¥359 million
Gross profit to sales 46.7 % -0.3 point
Operating income ¥4,918 million -¥346 million
Net income ¥3,445 million -¥230 million
Total assets ¥44,281 million +¥1,637 million
Capital-to-asset ratio 89.7%

Financial Indicators

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